You hit the jackpot

And I missed

You touched the sky

And I fell down

You won the game

I lost at life

You become

And so I died.



I can be your Cleopatra

Or- your full time queen of Sparta

I won’t ever work a day

I’ll just stay home and pray



You can take me anytime

I won’t even tell your crimes

You can get me drunk and high

I can cry until I die



Promise it won’t hurt at all

I can’t hit another wall

I’ll let you be unkind

Just to get him off my mind



Daddy, won’t you play with me

I am known for being free

Leave your wife for a few days

And I’ll show you million ways



I am blind, I cannot see

Your white lines don’t work for me

I still love him-bittersweet

In another life, we’ll meet

You know it

You rolled cigarettes and brought the light

In that balcony in the middle of the night

And I was looking at the dreams above

While Ella was singing ‘let’s fall in love’


Who knew I would be such a fool

To love you beyond the rules

For you was just a game of darts

I only got a broken heart


The moon was lighting up your face

The smoke was formed in faded chains

Your sins were louder than the jazz

I thought you wanted to confess


You smiled and turned your back to light

I bit my lips, pressed my legs tight

And I looked straight into your eyes

I was the one who broked the lies


Darling, I was the fire in that light




Look what they’ve done to me

They brought me to my knees

My hands shake and start to freeze

And I  am now too blind to see


Look what they’ve done to me

I keep hiding in my house

Which become a jailhouse

I am now ashamed to be


Look what they’ve done to me

I seek comfort in the dark

My eyes have lost their last spark

I just wait to be set free

Light of my life

You sold your life for a few dreams

I sold myself for a few drinks

You said you’ll wait for me at night

Said I’ll always be your light


The flowers in my hair are dead

They fall off,  I shake my head

You said you’ll wait for me at night

Said I’ll always be your light


I can’t see you in those bars

Kissing girls like you’re a star

You said you’ll wait for me at night

Said I’ll always be your light


I don’t trust any of you

After all that I’ve been through

Said I’ll always be your light

Have you recently turned blind?

Prologue to you

But I just don’t understand why you avoid

Everything that reminds you of me

I thought you’ve destroyed

Every inch of love for me

I lived in this dream

As if it was reality,

I’ve drown in this sin

There was so much cruelty.


At the point of no return

I hugged you last time

My heart indeed burned

I’ve heard you have cried


I shake off your fire

Long burning my soul

There’s still the desire

But I’m left here alone.


Just know when you saw her

I cried tears of gold

My vision turned dark blurr

I felt I was old.


And I went to that church

I told you about.

I begged God in my search

For a quiet place to hide.



My soul’s on its knees

But my lipstick’s so bright.

I fear my tears will freeze

In this darkest-coldest night.


Do you really love her?

I must’ve been a toy.

But I know you well, sir.

I’ve noticed you, boy.



Do you know you killed me inside

And I’m floating again in my solitude?

You’ve got now idea how much have I cried.

My heart was just a gum you chewed.



You were my first flame of love

But turned up in bird of pain

Though you were the whitest dove

I just try to keep me sane.

Je ne sais pas

I couldn’t tell you I love him.
I could not stop your heart to dream.
I drained my tears in my sad soul.
I couldn’t tell you “please,don t go”.
I burst in tears on the streets.
I’ve made a boat out of my sheets.
My bed is just a sea of pain,
In which the rain falls on its way.
All I have done was loving you
And I just wonder if you knew
When you flirt with me those nights,
You fucked up my heart for life.


I pray to find a peaceful haze
At the end of this wild maze.


You, you’re a miserable man
You broke my heart and after then
You fell in love with my best friend

You, you’re a miserable man
You made me fell off on my knees
And I’ve become too blind to see

You, you’re a miserable man
You asked her out for a nice date
I’ll just ask God how to be dead
You, you’re a miserable man
Don’t you know she’s my best friend?
Don’t you know she’s my best friend?
Don’t you know she’s my best friend?
I think I’ll just cut my veins.

You’ll never know

There are places in this city

Which remembers me of you

There are scents in this hot air

Which imagine me with you



I just don’t know how to do

To break free from this wild dreams

They’ve telling me to leave you

But I love you as it seems




Curse your mind that always wanders

Curse your soul that always hurts

Curse your ego-always proud